Why work with a psychologist?

Not a lot of people know this but some psychologists, depending on their background, create person centred interventions that consider the biological, psychological and social factors that influence health and illness.

We can help you adjust to a new way of living following a stressful event such as a chronic health diagnosis and we use advanced psychological methods to help you change your behaviours for a healthier happier life.

Here are some of the key benefits:

Receive tailored evidence-based interventions from a highly trained professional

Practicing stress management and emotional regulation techniques such as mindfulness, neurosensory and embodiment activities recommended specifically for you by a trained professional is not only much safer but also much more effective.

Help find work/life balance

Saving you time by helping you get the most out of rest periods and maximise the benefits of stress managament practices.

Adjust to a new way of living

Supporting you every step of the way to when returning to work from working from home, being on furlough, or on sickness leave.

Compassionate safe and confidential space to talk

Providing space for independant confidential and compassionate focused conversations to help you move forward and support you as you work towards your values and the life you want to live.

Achieving health and wellness goals

Setting realistic health and wellbeing goals based on what you value as a person and what means the most to you. If you have been going around in circles never quite achieving what you set yourself, this may mean being open minded to reframing current health goals or letting them go altogether.

You can join me in my Body Kind, Healthy Mind group session or a private one-to-one to dedicate quality time for yourself and learn about the most important subject of all… you!

When you change your behaviours, you change your life. Get in touch to find out more –


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