Private psychology services

There may be areas of your life where you’d like to make changes, but you have no idea where to start. You may be overwhelmed with choices and wondering what direction is best for you. Learn to automatically manage daily stress and anxiety triggers and begin to live a life more in line with your values with a clear plan of action.


Mindbody Coaching is an investment in you. This is about helping you get the most out of new health and wellbeing behaviours, and that takes time. As a psychologist, I offer a completely confidential service and I’m committed to helping you achieving your health and wellbeing goals. This service is designed to kick start new healthy behaviours by connecting with your values to help you get the most out of life.

I deliver a minumum of 3 two-hour sessions which can be extended by a further 3 two-hour sessions after this period. Rolling sessions are available only after six-months of working together.


Free consultation – usually lasting one-hour. I hold high ethical standards of practice so, if my services are not approproate for you, you won’t leave your free consultation empty handed. I can refer you to a trusted healthcare professional and provide materials to help you on your journey.

Assessment – case formulation is usually carried out as we have a confidential informal conversation. This helps me to understand more about the barriers you face and what behaviour change methods are best to help you achieve your goals. No two people are the same and our health and wellbeing goals as well as our current physical and mental health status can differ greatly. Therefore, this stage is important to help plan and deliver an effective intervention based on high quality psychology research.

Intervention – these are health and wellbeing focused using a blend of therapeutic approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and movement-based activities. The types of activities and the processes that we work through within our sessions are based on your individual needs and are evidence-based – meaning, you are guarenteed results.

Aftercare and top up sessions – after working with eachother for over six-months, these top up sessions are designed to help maintain new health and wellbeing behaviours and keep you moving towards what you deeply value in life.

Prices vary depending on your specific requirements and the amount of sessions requested. Two-hour sessions start from £200. Please enquire to get a specific quote.


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