• Outsourced psychological services

    Successful organisations know how to get the best out of employees by supporting their health and wellbeing. Mindbody Coaching psychological services can improve productivity and co-worker relations and assist internal support staff with health and wellbeing outcomes. Specialising in areas of stress management, adjusting to health conditions and evidence-based health behaviour change, I formulate bespoke interventions and training based on your business needs.

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  • Private psychology services

    There may be areas of your life where you’d like to make changes, but you have no idea where to start. You may have tried to change your health behaviours in the past without sucess. You may be overwhelmed with choices and wondering what direction is best for you. Uncover your behavioural patterns in a peronalised treatment plan and begin to live a healthier, happier life in line with your values.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Psychological intervention involves dynamic and co-creative process using evidence-based methods and psychometrics (measures) to help you work through your issues, discover your strengths and achieve specific goals. What’s special about my practice is that I use a scientific approach to health behaviour change with tried and tested psychological methods, specifically tailored to your circumstances, with high success rates.

Behaviour change is central to the practice of psychology and over many years the most esteemed researchers in the world have produced scientific studies with various methods and populations; this creates an evidence base. Searching through all the studies ever published with a fine tooth comb, researchers have created a taxonomy of successful methods for behaviour change. Below you will find links to a behaviour change taxonomy with over 93 methods recommended by NHS Health Education England, and further reading on the process by Michie et al. (2013).

My services are tailored to individual needs so depending on your issues, goals, personality and the way you learn, we can explore a combination of behaviour change methods to achieve your desired health and wellbeing outcomes.


Michie, S., Richardson, M., Johnston, M., Abraham, C., Francis, J., Hardeman, W., Eccles, M. P., Cane, J., & Wood, C. E. (2013). The behavior change technique taxonomy (v1) of 93 hierarchically clustered techniques: building an international consensus for the reporting of behavior change interventions. Annals of behavioral medicine : a publication of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, 46(1), 81–95.

NHS Health Education England. (2021). Behaviour change development framework, behaviour change taxonomy (v1).

If you struggle maintaining emotional and physical health and often feel overwhelmed with stress, brain fog and fatigue, working with a dedicated psychologist can help you map out a clear treatment plan to overcome your barriers for a happier, healthier you.

Similarly, if your organisation strives to get the best out of employees by supporting health and wellbeing, tailored psychological intervention and training can make a big difference to your workplace by improving productivity and co-worker relations.

Free Consultation

Start today with a free no-obligation chat. If your circumstances are better suited to an alternative service, I work with specialists across psychology, counselling, psychotherapy and healthcare professions. We will be able to discuss an onward referal to ensure you get the appropriate treatment with trusted healthcare and mental health professionals.