• Outsourced psychology services

    Mind-body Coaching psychological services can assist internal support staff with health and wellbeing outcomes. Specialising in areas of stress management, adjusting to health conditions and evidence-based health behaviour change, I formulate bespoke interventions based on your business needs.

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  • Private psychology services

    There may be areas of your life where you’d like to make changes, but you have no idea where to start. You may be overwhelmed with choices and wondering what direction is best for you. Learn to automatically manage daily stress and anxiety triggers and begin to live a life more in line with your values with a clear plan of action.

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Who uses psychological services at Mindbody Coaching?

Mindbody Coaching provides psychological support and intervention for any person who wants a renewed sense of self and purpose. Maybe it’s a new health diagnosis, or chronic stress and anxiety that you can’t seem to shake. It doesn’t matter what’s holding you back, Mind-Body coaching can help you rediscover your strengths, so you can get back on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching psychology involves dynamic and co-creative process to help you discover your strengths and
achieve specific goals through psychological evidence-based methods. What’s special about my practice is that I use psychological and approaches to maximise your health and wellbeing outcomes, and help you implement behaviours you’ve learned, making you unstoppable beyond our sessions.

There are vast benefits to both approaches and I encourage you to do your own research for
what services are best for you. Depending on the specific training and experience of the
professional, both coaching and therapy can be combined. But, in the most basic of terms, coaching psychology tends to be goal-oriented and future-focused and psychotherapy tends to focus on past events and emotional healing. With training in both mind and body therapies, I like to blend approaches to suit your needs and emotional regualtion is central to my practice.

If you struggle with maintaining your emotional and physical health and often feel
overwhelmed with stress, working with a dedicated coaching psychologist can help you
clearly map out a realistic plan of action to achieving your goals. If you are an organisation that values the health and wellbeing of employees, tailored coaching psychology sessions can improve productivity and co-worker relations, especially when they’ve been significantly strained under current circumstances with the Coronavirus outbreak.

Free Consultation

You have to feel comfortable with me, and I have to assess your case against my scope of practice, so let’s start with a FREE no-obligation chat. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, because if my services are not appropriate for your circumstances, I can refer you to trusted healthcare professionals. Making this first step could help you get through those tricky life changes or achieve your lifelong goals. As part of this consultation, we can set your aims and targets and I can give you evidence-based guidance designed to give you the confidence to start changing your behaviours.